Testing activities - Zkušební stanice Krásné Údolí

Krásné Udolí 141
364 01  Toužim
IČO 87984563
DIČ CZ7761222898
00420 353 31 20 22
00420 737 760 807

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Testing activities

The testing station at Krásné Údolí holds a current GEP certificate - GEP/KUD/2016 .

Experiments are carried out on the following crops:

Winter Cereals                                Spring Cereals
Winter wheat                                   Spring wheat
Winter rye                                        Spring barley
Triticale                                            Oats
Winter barley
Oil Seed Rape (spring and winter)                               
Sillage corn

It is possible to test other crops – upon request.

All of the following experiments performed on crops

Efficacy /selectivity trials

* Herbicide                                         

* Fungicide                             

* Insecticide

* Growth regulatores                        

* Seed treatments trials
Test results are provided in the data programs as requested by the sponsor. Most commonly used programs are ARM andField Pro.

Results can be provided in Czech or English.
Variety trials
-          Registration trials for ÚKZÚZ
-          SDO trials
-          Pretrials
Fertilizer trials
-        Foliar fertilizers
-        Other fertilizers
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