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Krásné Udolí 141
364 01  Toužim
IČO 87984563
DIČ CZ7761222898
00420 353 31 20 22
00420 737 760 807

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About us

An automatic hydro-meteorological station is located on site at the testing station, which provides all the necessary meteorological data
Krásné Údolí testing station was founded in 1998 as a result of the privatisation of one of the branches of the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture in Brno.
The testing station is located in the village of Krásné Údolí in the Karlovy Vary Region, being at an altitude of 647 meters above sea level.

The main activity of the testing station is the testing of the biological effectiveness of pesticide products.
Other activities include testing the implementation of variety trials and conducting trials to verify the effectiveness of fertilizers.
The testing station is also involved in standard agriculture activities such as the production and sale of field crops.

Upon privatisation (UKZÚZ) the testing station covered 40 hectares and has expanded to about 160 hectares in the last fifteen years
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